贰.由单亲家庭构成:consistof one-parent households

Are influenced by peer pressure
Positive peer pressure ➡️ Increase their motivation to learn
Negative peer pressure ➡️ drug abuse, teenage sex, school bullying, youth crime

Know that despite your best efforts, your child is going to make some mistakes and some of these mistakes, while difficult, will help your child learn and grow. The important thing to focus upon at this stage is guiding your child so they do not make major life changing mistakes that impact their future. For example, parents will want to monitor online communications, discuss the consequences of sexual behaviors and drug use, and ensure children are safe. Mistakes such as these can be severe and include sexual abuse, disease, pregnancy, legal issues, and other serious issues. At the same time, parents cannot and should not go everywhere with their children, complete school work for them, or solve all problems on the child’s behalf. Doing so, ensures the child will not learn to solve problems needed to succeed in life.

The "wolf pack'"case has been Spain's #MeToo over the past two years, with thousands of supporters of the victim uniting under the slogan "Te creemos" (We believe you).

  ③This lack of parentalsupervision is thought to be an influence on juvenile crime rates。

Achieve a good work-family balance
Help their children with homework

So what is a parent to do? First, monitor your child without interfering in learning. This means knowing who your child is with or talking to online, where your child is at all times, and ensuring appropriate adult supervision when away from home. It also means allowing the child to suffer minor consequences. Adlerian therapists refer to “natural and logical consequences.” For example, a child who does not eat dinner may be hungry or a child who loses a book may have to pay to replace it. These are healthy consequences and help children learn from their own choices and mistakes without life altering consequences.

All five have been sentenced to nine years in jail. They filmed their attack during Pamplona's San Fermín bull-running festival in July 2016.

  ④Other identifiable causes ofoffensive acts include frustration or failure in school, the increasedavailability of drugs and alcohol, and the growing incidence of child abuse andchild neglect。

These parents believe that they are more involved in their children's education than their own parents were.

Erikson called this stage, “Identity Versus Role Confusion” to imply youths’ attempts to fit into society during this stage. As an almost teenager, youth at this stage begin separating from parents and start focusing more on peer bonding. Most parents remember going through this stage and may fear their child will make mistakes.

■  Alfonso Jesús Cabezuelo, 29: a military officer, is thought to have recorded one video

  结构提示:frustration or failure in school, theincreased availability of drugs and alcohol, and the growing incidence of childabuse and child neglect里并列的名词短语共同组成句子的宾语。

10 Youth crime

Another thing to remember, if called by the school, is that your child may be testing boundaries and focusing more on friends than homework. This may be frustrating to hear, but take heart knowing this often occurs as part of normal development. This does not mean, however, that children should not be held accountable. At this point, parents may have to become more involved in monitoring their child’s school work, friendships, and implement immediate and consistent consequences.

■  Jesús Escudero, 27: a hairdresser

  肆.日增大概性:increasethe probability

Teenagers often act on impulse and get into trouble with their parents.

While this stage in your child’s life can be trying, know it doesn’t last forever. Also, much of what ensues is quite positive. Watching your child grow as they test boundaries can be humorous at times and if you do your job as a parent well, you will be proud of the person your child grows up to be.

Spain's #MeToo moment


5 Emotional health/ emotional well-being

One of the most difficult transitions faced by parents and youth is that of going from elementary to middle school. Parents are often dismayed that their child who once confided every detail now spends more time alone or with friends. This may be the first time parents are called by a teacher and told their child is less focused on school than in the past. While this can be disheartening, it may help to know that much of this is a normal developmental process.

Videos of the late-night encounter between the men and the young woman showed how the five men had wandered the streets among other drunken revellers before two of them led her into the basement block of flats by the hand.

  三.XKF会对小伙发案率发生潜移默化:XKFis thought to be an influence on juvenile crime rates。

Have busy careers
(Children) Spend their after-school hours without adult supervision

The five, in their late 20s and originally from Seville, and the victim, from Madrid, were not present when the judgement was read out after a five-month trial, which was held behind closed doors to protect the woman's identity.

  ②More families consist ofone-parent households or two working parents; consequently, children are likelyto have less supervision at home than was common in the traditional familystructure。

6 Develop good moral values

She was found in a reportedly distraught state by a couple in the street outside the scene of the attack. She told the trial she was still having psychological treatment to deal with trauma.


Half of young adults who dropped out of school regretted their decision later.

■  José Ángel Prenda, 28: considered the leader of the five, wrote a message in the WhatsApp group about the video showing them having sex with the woman. He had been sentenced to two years in prison in 2011 for theft with force

  结构提示:than was common in the traditional familystructure展示相比的逻辑关系,比较的相互是当今的儿女与古板家庭的孩子。

Feel lonely and isolated

The men, who have been in custody since 2016, have also been ordered to pay the woman €50,000 ($61,000; £43,500) in compensation.

  5.直接的报应关系还不曾创造起来:adirect causal relationship has not yet been established

Internet addiction
Spend too much time online
Weaken family bonds
Feel disconnected from each other
Cause family conflict/ high divorce rate

■  Antonio Manuel Guerrero: a Civil Guard police officer, born in 1989, is thought to have recorded six videos. He also admitted to stealing the victim's phone


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